Brand Integration Team
Brand Integration Team
Brand Integration Team
Brand Integration Team

Brand Integration

The Kirksey Brand Integration Team focuses on the importance of creating a visually enhanced environment.

Recent News: In 2017, Kirksey brought branding services in-house with the Brand Integration Team. Read the full press release here. 

When strategically designed, branding elements in the physical space help capture the spirit of your company culture, communicate your brand messages, and offer lasting impressions to your audience. Internally, a cohesive branded environment improves employee performance, stimulates creativity, and encourages collaboration.

Our wayfinding programs are administered along established architectural business practices. We plan and design signage systems that are both functional and artful, but also align with code requirements and security measures.

Our Brand Integration Team 

Led by Melissa Schmitz, our diverse team offers clients unique strategies and perspectives by leveraging our professional backgrounds in architecture, branding, and design. Our branding and graphic design experts have worked together for more than ten years.

Areas of Brand Integration Expertise:


Director of Brand Integration

Melissa Schmitz