30 JANUARY 2018

Kirksey Speaks at RICS Summit Series in Houston

Julie Hendricks, EcoServices and Sustainability Team Leader at Kirksey, addresses resiliency for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers (RICS)

Held in Houston, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers (RICS) celebrated its 150th anniversary by bringing together thought leaders, innovators and industry stakeholders to 7 major cities across the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The key theme for the summit series was the Future of Cities that included:
  • Construction in the 21st century
  • Valuation and mitigating against the bubble
  • Infrastructure
  • Resilience
  • PropTech
Julie’s topic, How Cities Focus on Resiliency Today Helps Ensure a Prosperous Tomorrow, focused on the ability to adapt to natural disasters and climate change from an architect’s perspective and what the future of building might look like in twenty to fifty years.

The luncheon included a keynote led by Barden Prisant of International Art Advisors titled Cost in Space-Valuing the Johnson Space Center and a panel examining a Houston development project.

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