Dallam Ranch, Texas


100,000 sf

Project Features
  • Data Center
  • Sustainable power sources
  • Designed to withstand natural and man-made disasters
Baryonyx Data Center’s design accommodates the secure movement of people, information, equipment, and sustainable power. The 100,000-sf data center, designed to be expandable to 200,000-sf and beyond, accommodates both traditional white space and containerized data center pods (shipping containers) within a secure environment. This Tier 4 secure data center with redundant, sustainable power sources is part of a larger wind farm project. The building is designed to ensure all operations, which include the highest categorization of mission critical applications, and can continue operating in the midst of natural and man-made disasters. The building shell is designed to survive and allow continued operations through a F3 tornado. Powered completely by sustainable sources, the data center combines the ideal mix of cutting-edge technology solutions to power, monitor, and maintain the facility. Wind power, hydrogen generation, and possible use of compressed air energy storage as a pneumatic battery all take this facility “off the grid” and into the future of data center design.
Brian Richard, AIA 713 426 7497
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Since joining Kirksey in 2003, Brian has designed more than 2.5 million square feet of lab space and planned over 100 megawatts of mission critical space. His founding of Kirksey’s Science & Technology Team provides a fresh perspective to the ever evolving energy, oil and gas, and industrial markets in and around Houston. In addition, his team serves as a resource for our region’s institutions of higher learning.