Image about John Kirksey honored as the 2012 Scenic Visionary
18 OCT 2012

John Kirksey honored as the 2012 Scenic Visionary


We are so excited to share that John Kirksey was honored last night as the 2012 Scenic Visionary at Scenic Houston's Annual Dinner. He was recognized for his commitment to quality and innovation, the growth of his people, and to the community.

If you know John, you can agree this is a well-deserved award. From his passion for the environment, to his entrepreneurial spirit, to his endearing jokes and one-liners, John Kirksey is a role model, mentor, and visionary. With John being so active in environmental causes, it's no wonder Kirksey Architecture has become the leader in Houston for sustainable design. He's paved the way and continues to set examples for his firm to follow. John knows how to dream big and make those dreams become a reality.

To show his drive, John became involved with Scenic Houston and knew early on that they had to do something about the way Houston looked and that trees were its best resource. He helped start Trees for Houston, he's been President, a Chairman, and is still on the Advisory Board to this day. He's planted trees himself and through Kirksey Architecture since 1987. Trees for Houston has grown to one of the largest tree planting organizations in the country.

He also created the idea of Freeways to Treeways. John proposed we plant thousands of trees and transform what had to be the ugliest freeway system in the country into a freeway forest. His idea and hard work have transformed the way TxDOT thinks about freeways.

He also founded the Galveston Bay Foundation which brought together all the groups working on the bay and has one national recognition for its work. And last but certainly not least, John has led Kirksey Architecture into taking on sustainability. He was an early proponent of LEED and with his guidance, Kirksey Architecture has certified 40% of the LEED projects in Houston and continues to promote the idea of smart, sustainable architecture. Everyone here at Kirksey congratulates our fun, fearless, inspiring leader.

Way to go, boss!


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