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06 DEC 2013

GREENNC 2013 Symposium

This week our own Kapil Upadhyaya and Jody Henry spoke at the USGBC’s GREENNC 2013 Symposium on the topic of post occupancy evaluations of sports and education spaces. Their presentation, “Connecting Clo and Flow – You won’t believe what was accomplished!” detailed what a “clo” factor is and how to convince a school district to accept a passively ventilated athletic space. They presented Kirksey’s recently completed Fort Bend Aquatic Practice Facility as an example of a successful passively ventilated space. The facility uses garage doors that double as shading devices and focus the path of air through the structure. The results of the Post Occupancy Evaluation performed on the space confirm that the unique passive ventilation techniques utilized throughout the building were successful. Kapil and Jody focused their presentation into several learning objectives that are detailed below. Objective #1: Identify six parameters that affect human thermal comfort. Objective #2: Discuss specific application and variation of 'clo' value and air flow in school environments. Objective #3: Analyze problems associated with closed and conditioned pool buildings: ventilation, thermal distribution, condensation and energy wastage. Objective #4: Identify Inter-dependent design solutions for aquatic facilities that avoid the above problems and their dependence on climate. For more information on the topic of passive ventilation please contact Kapil Upadhyaya at  or Jody Henry at

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