Image about Free LEED Green Associates Class at Kirksey
17 JAN 2013

Free LEED Green Associates Class at Kirksey

Why should I be a LEED Green Associate? You'll gain the knowledge of knowing how to design better, more efficient buildings. You are showing efforts of being a more responsible, Earth-conscious being. And the class is FREE. The question is why NOT be a LEED Green Associate? In order to achieve truly green projects, everyone on a project team – contractor, engineer, developer, owner, and others need to understand green building principles. Kirksey EcoServices has developed a rigorous training program focused on LEED and the LEED accreditation exam and has graduated over 1,600 industry partners. You can be one of them...and soon! Sign up for the LEED Green Associate Class being held on January 22, 4-7pm at Kirksey. Register today! Be Kind and rewind Be Green (doen't quite have the same ring but you get the point).
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