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26 NOV 2013

Tips for an Energy-Efficient Thanksgiving

Here at Kirksey we are all about healthy buildings, healthy people, and a healthy planet. We want to share a few tips we'll be using to ensure we have an enjoyable, energy-efficient Thanksgiving.

Tip #1: Use the correct size pan for your stove burner. This keeps extra heat from escaping.
Tip #2: If you are hosting a large gathering this Thanksgiving use a cooler stocked with ice to hold drinks. You'll free up space in your refrigerator and prevent cold air from escaping from frequent door openings.
Tip #3: The more freely the air moves in your oven the more efficiently it operates, so don’t cover your oven racks with foil. This saves you roasting time.
Tip #4: Every time you open the oven door while roasting your turkey you lost up to 25 degree of heat. So, use the light and a timer to check on the progress of your dinner.

Source: Alliance to Save Energy
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