Image about Kirksey Presents at AIA National Convention in Atlanta
15 MAY 2015

Kirksey Presents at AIA National Convention in Atlanta

Julie Hendricks, Director of EcoServices at Kirksey, traveled to Atlanta for the AIA National Convention to present on Post Occupancy Evaluations (POEs) on May 14, 2015. The session, titled "Post Occupancy Evaluation: What, Why and How?" was geared toward architects just getting started with POEs. Presenting in conjunction with Julie Hiromoto from SOM and Shawn Preau of EDR, the speakers explored a range of topics, including:
  • Various levels and types of POEs
  • How to define the POE approach that best suits your firm or project
  • Benefits of a POE
Julie finished the session by conducting a real-time “flash” POE survey on the session room with a big helping hand from Russell Wooten, who managed the equipment and trained the audience how to use it. Some of the techniques shown included administering a thermal comfort and indoor air quality survey, and taking measurements of conditions in the room, revealing some rather interesting surprises. “Before the session started, we had taken some thermal camera images of the room while it was empty,” Julie said. The thermal images revealed that earlier in the day, someone had spilled a large amount of water on one of the tables, registering a cooler thermal image. “No one would have discovered this little ‘crime scene’ had it not been for us pesky people and our thermal camera,” Julie laughed. Whoever spilled the water ultimately got away with it. No further investigation was conducted, most likely due to fear of embarrassing the alleged water-spiller. ------------- Julie has managed the LEED process for more than 60 projects and 7 million sf of space. She has led Kirksey's effort to conduct POE studies on 11 projects over the last 1.5 years. In 2012, Julie was awarded the Young Architect of the Year by AIA Houston. She frequently speaks and writes on green building topics.   Julie Presenting1        Crime Scene    
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