Image about The 2016 Michael G. Meyers Student Workshop Kicks Off!
02 FEB 2016

The 2016 Michael G. Meyers Student Workshop Kicks Off!

Kirksey had a very successful turnout for this year’s Michael G. Meyers student workshop with more than 90 high school students in attendance from all around the greater Houston area. We sat down with Natasha Shamshiri, one of Kirksey’s Commercial team members and this year’s chair for the AIA MGMC event to get all the details. What is the Michael G. Meyers Student Workshop? Every year, the AIA organizes the Michael G. Meyers Design & Scholarship Competition for high school students to engage in architectural design through the use of an ideas based project. Before the competition, AIA sponsors a student workshop to kick off the event. The past few years, Kirksey has hosted the student workshop to give students a quick lesson on the basics of architecture and work in teams with volunteers to discuss and further develop those skills through the use of precedent/case studies. At the end of the workshop, each team presents their case study along with their sketches and models. Finally, the program and guidelines for the year’s competition is revealed.   MGMC - 2016 - Fast 17 (8 of 17)   What is this year’s competition? Animal House! An Animal Shelter for Dogs and Cats in EaDo (East Downtown Houston). How long do the students get to work on the project? Students work on their projects for almost two months. This year’s deadline is April 29.   MGMC - 2016 - Fast 17 (9 of 17)   What’s it like working with the students? Working with the students is always an exciting opportunity. It’s always really fun to see their ideas and creativity come to life. What surprises you year after year? While many of the competition entries are surprising, I would say what most surprises me is the impact that this competition seems to have on the students. I have met several professionals in the industry who participated in this competition when they were in high school and have now returned as volunteers for the committee. Stay tuned for more MGMC updates as this year’s competition is off to the great start! For more information about the competition, visit the AIA Houston website. All photography by Shau Lin / Slyworks Photography   MGMC - 2016 - Fast 17 (3 of 17) - MGMC - 2016 - Fast 17 (5 of 17) - MGMC - 2016 - Fast 17 (10 of 17) - MGMC - 2016 - Fast 17 (11 of 17)  
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