Image about Kirksey Presents at TRACS Summit
07 MAR 2017

Kirksey Presents at TRACS Summit

Kirksey presented a session titled “The Deceptive Metric” at the Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRACS) Summit in Commerce, Texas. Alfonso Hernandez & Kapil Upadhyaya, members of Kirksey’s EcoServices team, presented to Sustainability Officers and Sustainability Directors from universities across the state.

Through examples from multiple campuses, Kapil and Alfonso showcased how to integrate sustainability measures for better building performance, and ultimately, cost savings without sacrificing occupant comfort and health. By going into details of some of the metrics, they demonstrated how Sustainability Master Plans can reduce capital expenditures and operational costs. Some of the metrics covered included energy cost, EUI, cooling loads, return-on-investment, landscape water volume, condensate volume, indoor and outdoor space utilization, indoor and outdoor comfort and daylighting.

In addition to presenting, Kapil and Alfonso sat in on two other impressive presentations — one by Maria V. Boccalandro (Director, Sustainable Communities Institute at Cedar Valley College) and the other by Andy Kim (Director, Energy and Sustainability at Austin Community College) —that focused on installation of photovoltaics using various funding mechanisms.

By thinking ahead through sustainable building performance in the case of university growth, the idea of being “green” also means the ability to keep more “green” in savings — a much-needed benefit for today’s growing universities where reducing capital expenditures and operational costs is a crucial advantage for academic success.

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