Image about Kirksey Struts the Runway at IIDA's Product Runway Fashion Show
01 MAY 2017

Kirksey Struts the Runway at IIDA's Product Runway Fashion Show

Architects, interior designers and artists come together to raise funds for the Houston Furniture Bank by designing couture fashion garments for a great cause.

Models walked the runway in fantastic form once again at the annual International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Product Runway, an avant-garde fashion show with a twist: all garments are made from standard architectural and interior design materials such as glass, tile, carpet and wood.

This year’s theme, “Cover to Cover,” had the models emerge from the pages of a book, with each team assigned a famous literary work as inspiration for their garment.

Kirksey Architecture’s theme was Gone With the Wind, the story of Scarlett, a woman who must discard her vulnerable façade to hardness the self-reliant woman within. The change in Scarlett after the war ravages her home is mirrored in the construction of the dress: pulling back the soft blues and greens unveils the complex scarlet-red hoop skirt structure underneath, mirroring the story’s reveal of Scarlett’s inner strength when she must confront war, poverty and loss.

Every year, the fashion show raises money for a great cause – supporting the Houston Furniture Bank, a non-profit organization that provides furniture and home goods for families in need. The Kirksey team held firm-wide bake sales and fundraisers to help support the cause, and all proceeds went directly to the organization.

Fun Facts About the Dress
• Over 2,000 triangles made of 17 different Janus et Cie fabric tiles were sewn together to compose the fabric skirt

• The color pattern on the skirt represents the earth, the sky, the clouds and the sun – all light, comfortable colors that bring back the sweeter, more relaxed memories of home. Red, at the top of the skirt, represents the fires of war -- both external and internal conflicts of Scarlett’s life.

• The quilt-like pattern is reminiscent of the nostalgia for home. In the beginning of the novel, she has been pampered all her life as a beautiful Southern belle. The transition from the outer, soft skirt to the reveal of the hard red structured skeleton beneath represents Scarlett’s transition in the book. She becomes the backbone of the family.

• The inner hoop skirt is wrapped with custom hand-dyed carpet fibers.

• 4-prong hardware represents dogwood blooms, a prominent part of the Georgia landscape.

• The black silhouette worn beneath the dress represents the many periods of grieving that Scarlett experienced. The pants symbolize Scarlett filling a man’s role through different periods in her life.

• The earrings and parasol were made from clock pieces, and the hat was made from a Herman Miller chair back.

The Kirksey Team
Craig Pearson
Cameron Broussard
Georgia Williams
Cynthia Helms (Model)
Megan Hartensteiner
Aqueel Suleimanji

The Vendors
Janus et Cie
Lisa Ostermeyer Manke

J.Tyler | Herman Miller Healthcare Nemscoff
Claudia Davis

Mezzacappa Design | Vitra
Jim Mezzacappa

Runway photos provided by Kirksey’s Corvin Alstot and sneak preview photos provided by Kirksey’s Ruben Serrano.





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