Another successful year of the AIA Sandcastle Competition is in the books! This past Saturday, the Kirksey Architecture + Metzger Construction team proudly took home multiple awards for our "Game of Toys" theme: Silver Shovel, Tallest Structure standing at 12.27 ft, and Greatest Feat of Structural Ingenuity.

Our "Game of Toys" theme brought together two powerhouse worlds: the HBO sensation Game of Thrones and the beloved Disney/Pixar movie Toy Story. Whether they were climbing rocky structures to reach the castle at the top, gnawing on a cowboy leg, or adorning shields for protection, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Drogon, Rex, Aliens, and new fan favorite Forky were all in attendance.

Despite the (seemingly annual) forecast of rain for this year's AIA Sandcastle Competition, the showers remained at bay and all beach-goers were able to enjoy a fun and rain-free day in the sand.

The team, which continually grows every year (we definitely had our largest turnout EVER), enjoyed getting creative and planning the design, working from a clay model to use as a guide. The day of the competition, the team was divided into separate groups and each conquered their portion of the design.

“It was an amazing team effort. We had such a great turnout! We love participating in this competition and can't wait until next year,” said Andrew Tyler, Kirksey’s “Sandman,” and Sandcastle team leader.

Kirksey would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all of our amazing sponsors!
  • MGC Millwork
  • GraphTec
  • Durcon
  • Pinnacle Structural Engineers
  • R&M Service Company
  • PSA
  • LESCO Lighting Technology
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  • Mohawk Group
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  • Cosentino
See you in 2020, Galveston!