05 JUN 2017

Kirksey Architecture + Metzger Construction Team Take Home 1st Place for Third Year in a Row


2017 AIA Sandcastle Competition Draws Crowds as Kirksey Team Brings Home a "Three-Peat" Win with the Coveted "Golden Bucket"

GALVESTON, TEXAS -- For the third year in a row, the Kirksey Architecture + Metzger Construction team took home the coveted “Golden Bucket” grand prize award, making for a “three-peat” win at the 2017 AIA Sandcastle Competition held on Saturday, June 3 at East Beach in Galveston.

The Kirksey + Metzger team gathered for the annual family-friendly competition, sculpting cartoon characters and fun scenes from sand. 

This year, the Kirksey + Metzger team did “Smurf & Turf,” a scene involving Smurfs and a few famous dragons in the midst of an epic battle. The team was also won “Best Traditional Sandcastle,” and “Tallest Standing Structure,” (the tallest section standing at 11.3 feet in height!).

"We successfully defended our Golden Bucket title for the third straight year and had a lot of fun in the process,’” said Andrew Tyler, Kirksey’s “Sandman” and Sandcastle team leader. “It wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing team effort, and I am very proud of our entire team. They truly deserve all the thanks for the hard work they put in.”

The team, which grows every year, enjoyed getting creative and planning the design, working from a clay model to use as a guide. The day of the competition, the team was divided into separate groups and each conquered their portion of the design, whether it was rolling sand balls to add decorative details, or meticulously using custom tools to carve scales in a dragon.

True to Kirksey form, importance was placed on sustainability and the environment. As of time of press, the award is yet to be determined for “Most Sustainable Team,” but Kirksey is proud to have been a part of sustainable efforts to continue the company’s environmentally friendly mission.

A successful “three-peat” would not have been possible without a team effort from multiple sponsors and volunteers, including MGC and Durcon, who provided the large box frames for building, R&M Service Company who provided the team T-shirts, and Kix BBQ, who kept the entire team fed with delicious food throughout the day.

Photo by Ruben Serrano
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