Kirksey Releases a Green Guidebook, The Kirksey Carbon Copy

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Kirksey, leader in sustainable architecture and design, today has issued a challenge to employees and the community to encourage them to live a greener lifestyle. Developed by The Kirksey Center for Sustainable ArchitectureSM, The Kirksey Carbon Copy™ is a guidebook detailing this challenge and outlining simple measures for companies and individuals to undertake to reduce our collective carbon footprint. For a complimentary copy of the Kirksey Carbon Copy, go to

The Challenge
Many struggle with the question, what can we do? The Kirksey Carbon Copy guidebook offers 5 simple suggestions for individuals and companies so that if 20 percent of the businesses and individuals in Texas accepted this challenge, it would be the equivalent of taking 9,834,595 cars off the road and winding back the carbon clock by seven years.