Building Physics Team
Building Physics Team
Building Physics Team
Building Physics Team

Building Physics

Kirksey’s Building Physics practice allows us to view building design through the lens of systems rooted in physics.

Our Building Physics team specializes in the application of value management using computational fluid dynamics, lighting & daylighting simulation, energy modeling and loads calculation, hygrothermal analysis, measurement & verification, data analytics, and commissioning management. 

Using data and current research, our team of Building Physics experts works closely with each project team to collect data, analyze systems, and simulate performance to guide building design. In turn, clients learn from measured and simulated data to make informed decisions and set high-performance goals.

The scope of Building Physics work varies from micro-level (building components) to macro-level (campus masterplans), depending upon the analytical needs of a project. Our completed projects include natural & forced ventilation, façade renovation, displacement ventilation, heat reclamation, renewable energy, custom building automation, measurement & verification. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Optical Systems
  • Thermodynamic Analysis of Spaces & Systems
  • Energy Services
  • Systems Performance Consulting
  • Data Mining & Analytics
  • Research
  • Value Assessment