Science & Technology Team
Science & Technology Team
Science & Technology Team
Science & Technology Team

Science & Technology Team

Industrial, mission critical, and lab architects who are leaders in innovation and complex projects.

The Science & Technology Team at Kirksey is constantly evolving, but centers around three distinct practice areas:

  • Laboratory Projects
  • Mission Critical Projects
  • Industrial & Special Projects

We believe our clients' success is best supported by our understanding of your functional, science, and technology integration design with the business aspects of your project. In short, enhancing the solution for the all of the above requirements these complex projects entail. We understand these projects often require robust coordination efforts across all engineering disciplines. Our team provides innovative solutions, complementing the complexities of each discipline, and simplifying the design and construction process for project owners. We value our clients’ business goals and functional requirements and develop need-based solutions for complex projects.

Our Team of Mission Critical, Lab, and Industrial & Special Projects Architects

Led by Brian Richard, our Science & Technology Team was formally created in 2007 to address the growing demands of these three specific markets. Brian is an expert in his field and effortlessly combines the architectural design process with the science of mission critical, laboratory, R&D, and industrial projects. He has planned more than 2.5 million square feet of state-of-the-art laboratory spaces and has designed over 100 megawatts of mission critical data center space. Brian has also become a leader in industrial and special project planning. The team also benefits from the expertise of Skye Smith, who specializes in laboratory projects. 

Areas of Science & Technology Expertise


Science & Technology Leadership

Director of Science & Technology Projects:
Brian Richard, AIA