08 MARCH 2017

Kirksey's Brian Richard on Millennium Falcons and More at University Lecture

Kirksey's Brian Richard talks Star Wars and more for his upcoming lecture on "Diversity and Specialty" in architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


An architect’s job often requires an understanding of a variety of “other jobs” associated with their client’s profession. It is this diverse range of specialties that makes the combination of art and science   think, architecture   special. This is what Brian Richard, AIA, NCARB, Executive Vice President and Science and Technology practice leader at Kirksey, will illustrate in his upcoming lecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

In his lecture, “Diversitatem Propriorum: Diversity and Specialty,” he will unpack how practicing successful architecture entails a deeper understanding of your client’s profession from the beginning.

“Good design, a deep understanding of the functional needs for the building’s occupants, and a bit of creativity and fun make the project really great,” said Brian.

Creativity and fun often play a part in analyzing the metrics that make a facility work. Take, for instance, that he’s considered how many Millennium Falcons* would fit inside CyrusOne’s new data center, designed by the Science and Technology team at Kirksey.

*(For those of you who aren’t Star Wars fans, we’ll give you a minute to shamefully Google that bit.)

The answer?

“It’s 12,” said Brian. “Up to 12 Millennium Falcons can fit inside. That’s a big building. It’s on the scale of the sci-fi hangars you see in the movie. Understanding that scale helps our team translate all the details into reactive human components — which, in turn, results in great architecture.”

Interested in attending? The lecture is free and open to the public.

WHAT: Edward C. Mathes Endowed Lecture in Architecture, given by Brian Richard, AIA, NCARB, Executive Vice President and Science & Technology Practice Leader, Kirksey Architecture

WHEN: Friday, March 10

TIME: 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Fletcher Hall, Auditorium, Room 134

ADMISSION: Free, open to public

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