13 OCTOBER 2017

Kirksey Speaks at USGBC Energy Summit 2017

Members from Kirksey's EcoServices team spoke at the executive forum on sustainability performance in architecture design

Kirksey’s Kapil Upadhyaya, ASHRAE, Fitwel Ambassador and LEEP AP, along with Alfonso Hernandez, AIA, LEED AP, spoke at the 2017 USGBC Energy Summit in Houston on October 13. The state-wide energy summit is an executive forum for building owners/managers, energy and sustainability managers, engineers, federal and state government officials, consultants and other stakeholders focused on energy reduction and smarter technology solutions for buildings.

For Kapil and Alfonso’s session, their talk, titled The Deceptive Metric, focused on unique stories from university campuses about the hidden limitations and potent opportunities that can elude our common perception of sustainability metrics.

For instance, if public universities are more focused on energy use intensity, they may lose focus on energy cost; or if central plant designers are focused on part-load performance of equipment, they may lose focus on how all systems perform together. If designers don’t take the overall comfort of their spaces into consideration, those spaces won’t be utilized as originally intended.

“Metrics are more nuanced than what we are used to, and sometimes come with caveats we forget,” said Kapil.
Alfonso added, “Not everything that can be counted counts.”

Kapil and Alfonso demonstrated how easily metrics can deceive the very purpose for which they were created.


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