Kirksey Wins Sustainability Award for AIA Sandcastle Competition

After winning third straight "Golden Bucket," Kirksey also takes home second straight "Most Sustainable Team" Award

Kirksey is proud to announce that for the second straight year AIA Houston has awarded the firm the title of “Most Sustainable Team” at the 2017 AIA Sandcastle Competition. This is only the second year that the award has been offered, so Kirksey stands as the two-time and only sustainability champs in the history of the event, highlighting our firm’s commitment to a healthy planet and healthy building process.

Building on last year’s sustainability efforts, this year Kirksey claimed the award through a combination of waste reduction (composting, reusable water bottles, and reused framework), rainwater harvesting to eliminate the use of potable water in the building process, reduced emissions through carpooling, and the use of healthier products on site. A post-event waste audit showed that Kirksey reduced its non-recyclable waste by 80% compared to last year, and the firm’s carpooling efforts reduced more than 740 kg of CO2 emissions.

The award comes a few months after the actual event due to the rigorous judging process, which includes gathering information from the City of Galveston about the state of each team’s site at the conclusion of the event.
In June, the Kirksey + Metzger Construction team took home the coveted first-place “Golden Bucket” award for the third year in a row. This year’s entry, “Smurf & Turf,” involved a whimsical scene of Smurfs and famous dragons from cinematic history in the midst of an epic battle.

For more about the 2017 winning sandcastle, click here.
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