What We're Reading: Activity-Based Working Profiles

Our job as architects and designers is to look beyond what works right now and identify opportunities for innovation in the future. We've seen the office respond recently to changes in the workplace, and now we have to plan for what comes next.  

Offices are About to Cause Productivity to Explode
The way we work has changed beyond comprehension in the past 200 years. But the way we use offices is pretty much still the same.
BISNOW FUTURE OF WORK  - 5-minute read

We Asked What You Want the Office of the Future to Be. Here’s What You Said.
From what you said, we will be working from home a lot more in future; you are happy to work flexibly in open offices, but want more quiet areas.
BISNOW FUTURE OF WORK - 4-minute read

What is an Office For?
The changes in offices have been underway for at least a decade. And new ways of working together will continue to emerge both digitally and physically.
HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW   By Scott Berinato - 9-minute read

Activity-Based Working Explained
This animated video from a Dutch consulting firm builds the case for having a variety of worksettings – in case you don’t have them already.
VELDHOWEN COMPANY - 4-minute video

Activity-Based Working – A Case Study
A video prepared by the consulting firm PwC Belgium on implementation strategies and lessons learned.
PwC BELGIUM - 4-minute video

Impact of Remote Work on Urban and Suburban Corporate Real Estate Development
The Pandemic Might Have Broken The Office Market’s Supply-Demand Dynamic. For Now.

Companies are considering Hub-and-Spoke office locations instead of traditional centralized headquarters.
BISNOW National By David Thame, Jon Banister and Brian Rogal - 8-minute read

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