An architectural firm with a culture that values great design, diversity, and most of all, our employees.

We are a culture of personality. We value great design, hard work, and having fun while doing it. In addition to great co-workers and a fun, healthy, and collaborative work environment, Kirksey values the personal and professional development of each employee by supporting individual initiative and ambition. It's this empowerment and freedom to grow that foster many long-term careers at Kirksey. But we think a few other things about our truly unique culture may have something to do with it as well.

No traditional hierarchy here.

Our managers and vice presidents aren't separated away in corner offices or a boardroom far away. At Kirksey, everyone works together in an open office environment on our own corporate campus. You will find collaboration tables in between departments, an active coffee bar, relaxing common areas, and interactive conference rooms — but rarely a closed door.

We're never short on ways to have fun together.

Kirksey fosters a work environment with flexible hours and a fun, creative atmosphere. The driving force behind this concept comes from the company’s founder, John Kirksey, who only worked at a traditional firm for a few months before he founded his own. Firm-wide events like our annual Chili Cook Off, Oktoberfest celebration, Movies on the Kirksey Green, and pot luck lunches, have become quite acclaimed at Kirksey. Each month, Kirksey employees enjoy some respite from the office by participating in one of the many events hosted by Kirksey's Culture Committee.

We value diversity and a healthy work/life balance.

We are a diverse workforce that celebrates different personalities and talents. We also value an efficient work environment. Our technology experts are always on the lookout for the newest tools to help employees be the best they can be, whether that's in the office or on the road. In addition, we’re very supportive of maintaining a healthy work/life balance, because we know that when we treat our employees well, they will pass that courtesy back to our clients. Teams are encouraged to schedule team building events on a regular basis, as well as participate in firm-wide events. We know that the work we do here is hard enough, and there’s no need to add a challenging office environment on top of that.

We value our environment.

Sustainability is important to us - reducing waste and impact, conserving resources, and preserving natural habitat. As leaders in sustainable design, we create buildings that reduce environmental impact and provide clients with facilities that cost less to operate and maintain while producing a healthy environment for occupants. But, we also practice what we preach. Around our LEED-Certified building you will find recycling bins for various materials, a backyard garden that's maintained by volunteers from around the office, a compost area, fuel efficient vehicle parking spaces, reserved electric vehicle charging spots, a "FreeCycle" area, low-impact soaps & cleaners, and paper products made of recycled content. We also strive to support green initiatives in the community. Our philanthropy beneficiaries include the Houston Parks Board, Scenic Houston, Trees for Houston, and the U.S. Green Building Council. We also host an annual tree planting program where we plant trees in honor of our clients during the holidays.