Houston Area Safety Council, Occupational Health Center

Civic & Community, Healthcare, LEED and Sustainability, Branding & Graphics

LEED Registered New Construction

Pasadena, Texas


16,800 sf

Project Features
  • Occupational clinic and therapy practice
  • Family medicine clinic
  • Over-sized windows to enhance natural light
  • Collaboration space for clinic staff
Located in Pasadena, Texas, the new project represents a two year campus initiative to expand safety training capabilities for the greater Houston Metroplex, with the added goal to improve health, wellness and physical therapy by way of a new, multi-faceted clinic to meet the growing needs of the energy, space exploration, manufacturing and food industries located throughout the Gulf coast region. The design team was tasked with creating a modern, industrial look that would feel approachable, and comfortable and thus appeal to both its core patient base, and their families who attended them — regardless of whether or not they walked in straight from their jobs in the field, or after work with their family.

Balancing the multi-faceted design goal calling for a “sturdy” and “inviting” interior was a challenging design vision, and thus the introduction of natural light via skylights into the interior was crucial, along with over-sized, full height windows to allow warm, diffused sunlight to better brighten the interior where possible. Richness and brilliance of color was stressed by the client, in moderation, to balance the space, but with the caveat that all materials be durable to withstand the daily operational environment, which might include heavy boot traffic and often times heavily soiled clothing and uniforms direct to afford the greatest possible ease and access to diagnostics and care.
David McLemore, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP 713 426 7512
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David joined Kirksey in 1995 and has since managed the design of more than 5 million square feet of healthcare, research, and academic healthcare space. David’s client-centered approach and technical acumen have helped build and establish the expertise of Kirksey’s Healthcare Team. He specializes in programming, medical space planning, healthcare simulation design, and complex project coordination.