As architects and designers, the end goal is not to acquire awards but to meet and exceed the end user's goals and expectations and create architecture that benefits the community and environment. Awards are simply the tasty icing on the cake and who doesn't like icing?!? Kirksey was extremely fortunate and honored as two of our project submissions won 2013 AIA Houston Design Awards: Downtown Houston Childcare Center, which is a quiet and playful oasis for children to learn and play, and Baylor College of Medicine NSBRI, which conducts biomedical research to support the long-term human presence and the development and exploration of space and develops countermeasures and technologies that substantially reduce biomedical risks associated with human space travel. Phew, that was a mouthful! These projects won in the Under 50,000 sf and Interior Architecture categories, respectively. Kirksey is extremely proud of these projects and would also like to thank the clients for the collaborative effort put forth on these projects. We see our projects as a team effort that includes all parties. Without everyone's hard work, creativity, and dedication, our jobs wouldn't be possible. Thank you to all of our clients for the opportunities that allow us to do what we love.