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At Kirksey, we believe in sharing the knowledge and experience we've gained as a firm and as individual experts in various areas like Wellness, LEED & sustainability, space planning, building assessments, code requirements and parking lot design. You can view and download articles and brochures we've published on these pages. And if you don't see what you're looking for, our Team Directors are always happy to field a call and help you with your individual needs. 

Our Healthy Environments Toolkit can be found here

22 NOV 2022 2022 Workplace Surveys: Remote Work and the “New Workplace”

It’s helpful to see what other companies and C-suites are considering and implementing as they navigate the evolving workplace. We’ve consolidated a list of the most recent and informative surveys.

22 NOV 2022 2021/22 Articles and Guides: Remote Work and the “New Workplace”

Information on the changing workplace is abundant, and overload is real. Here’s a recent reading list to help you cut through the noise

01 APR 2022 Residential

Mid and High Rise Multifamily / Mixed-use Residential / Condominiums / Urban Design and Master Planning / Senior Living / Student Housing

28 JUL 2021 Kirksey's Agile Planning FAQs

Here are the questions that we have routinely been asked, along with some helpful links to related information

10 MAY 2021 Mass Timber at San Jacinto College

Overview of mass timber and Kirksey's San Jacinto College project - the nation's largest mass timber academic building on a college campus

31 MAR 2021 Equine & Agriculture Spotlight

Special and multi-use facilities designed with humans and animals in mind break away from traditional people-focused architecture and require a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and experience.

16 SEP 2020 Post Pandemic: The Right-Sizing of Corporate America

The workplace is often a tool for recruiting top talent, but now it must contend with people's homes. So, how can the office compete?

01 JUN 2020 Brand Integration

Branded Environments  |  Signage & Wayfinding  |  Brand Identity  |  Placemaking  |  Collateral Packaging  |  Exhibit & Showroom Display

11 DEC 2018 Mission Critical

Our Mission Critical practice is focused on providing a wide range of project types centered around all mission critical aspects for a diversity of Owners and Operators.

01 SEP 2018 Student Living

Student-focused housing has a proven impact on grades and social development

02 AUG 2018 Real Value of Renovation

"One of the first decisions a client is faced with when contemplating a project in the built environment— all the brick and mortar structures where we live and work—is whether to build a new structure or to renovate an existing one."

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