Mass Timber at Kirksey

Kirksey has developed a foundational expertise in mass timber design and construction through a growing portfolio of projects and extensive research on the subject. Our mass timber experts have published articles and presented at conferences across the country. Kirksey has designed 13 mass timber projects ranging in size from 4,000 - 300,000 sf. 

What is Mass Timber?
Mass timber is a solid wood framing system that is made from small pieces of dimensional lumber that are secured with either glue, dowels, or nails. Mass timber elements may be used for structural floor, roof, column, beam, or wall applications within a building

Benefits of Mass Timber
  • Reduced construction time 
  • Quiet construction site 
  • Reduced foundation 
  • Carbon storage 
  • Biophilia

View some of our Mass Timber projects


Mass Timber at Rice University
Mass Timber At San Jacinto College

San Jacinto College, Anderson-Ball Classroom Building
Rice University, Hanzen College

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Michelle Old, AIA
Darrell Whatley, AIA
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