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At Kirksey, we believe in sharing the knowledge and experience we've gained as a firm and as individual experts in various areas like Wellness, LEED & sustainability, space planning, building assessments, code requirements and parking lot design. You can view and download articles and brochures we've published on these pages. And if you don't see what you're looking for, our Team Directors are always happy to field a call and help you with your individual needs. 

Our Healthy Environments Toolkit can be found here

02 AUG 2018 Real Value of Renovation

"One of the first decisions a client is faced with when contemplating a project in the built environment— all the brick and mortar structures where we live and work—is whether to build a new structure or to renovate an existing one."

22 MAY 2018 Private Schools

Your school is a place where learning thrives. 

20 SEP 2017 Labs and R&D

22 MAR 2016 Kirksey preK-12

22 MAR 2016 We're Kirksey Commercial

Corporate Headquarters & Commercial Office Buildings

22 MAR 2016 Benchmarking Data Centers through LEED

"The value of benchmarking lies in its ability to set goals like investment, operation costs and carbon savings. However, benchmarking complex processes is often a challenging exercise. For one, it’s diffcult to separate these processes into components due to interdependencies; secondly, there can be large variations in components from process to process. Datacenter operation easily falls into the above type of processes." 

21 FEB 2016 Green is the New Luxury

Cost and payback of sustainability measures for hotels

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