Check out this cool video on the site-specific art installation commissions created for Trammell Crow Company for Energy Center 5. It’s always great when our buildings, considered art in of itself to us and our clients, are enhanced by their own custom art installations for guests to enjoy.


Artists Val Britton and Ara Peterson traveled to Houston to create one-of-a-kind pieces for the corporate lobby. Britton’s piece is comprised of 200 pieces of water-jet-cut aluminum that have been hand-painted. Her inspiration originally came from cross-country maps, inspired by her father’s career as a truck driver, but have grown to be more abstract.

Peterson’s art has a “seismographic topography” feel to it, created from acrylic paint on wood, and changes in tone and feel depending on where the viewer is standing.

Val Britton, artist
“Continental Collision, 2016”
Water-jet-cut aluminum, acrylic and aircraft cable



Ara Peterson, artist
“Travertine Wavepack, 2016”
Acrylic paint on wood