The annual exhibit from AIA’s Center for Emerging Professionals (CEP) showcases the most creative new plans, projects, art, and design from architecture and design’s rising generations from around the nation.

Kirksey’s Downtown Houston Childcare Center was selected to be a part of the exhibit at the national AIA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. from now until September.

This year’s theme, It Takes a Community, features the best work from young designers highlighting community impact and engagement.

“It’s great to see a project that impacts the downtown Houston community be highlighted at a national level,” said Michelle Old, AIA, on the design team at Kirksey.

The project — a childcare center in the middle of a busy urban downtown — brings children to the middle of the city, but also brings families and life to its center. It helps collapse the barriers of work, home, and school and dissolves the rigidity of an urban business district. The client wanted to create a home-like, caring atmosphere for its students. The design team consisted of Michelle Old, AIA; Nicola Springer, AIA; Gary Machicek, AIA and Michael La Nasa.