Portfolio for Mission Critical & Data Center Architecture

Mission Critical & Data Center Architecture

Maintaining critical operations starts with smart mission critical design.

Maintaining continuous operation and steady reliability remains the first priority for these spaces. 

At Kirksey, we have developed a positive reputation for delivering mission critical projects under a “technology + people = architectural solution” strategy — meaning our design solution is a response to the unique and complex requirements these types of projects entail.

Mission Critical & Data Center Project Types & Experience

  • Data Centers
  • ​Real Time Operating Centers
  • Control Rooms & Call Centers
  • Public Safety Facilities
  • Critical Infrastructure & Facility Support
  • Hardened Structures
  • Plant Site Support Facilities

From supporting real time operations for the production and exploration of oil resources to a data center powered completely by sustainable sources, our mission critical designs are as forward-thinking as they are solid. We are Kirksey Science & Technology, and we're here to provide innovative design solutions for your unique and complex mission critical environments.

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