Portfolio for Mixed Use Architecture

Mixed Use Architecture

We believe that good mixed-use building design calls for more connectivity.

For owners and developers, creating connectivity with mixed-use spaces is a driving force in today’s growing urban development. You want a pedestrian-feel mixed-use building with urban access and the latest luxury amenities. Something that invites commercial business, residents, and organizations looking to lease mixed-use space with an ideal location. More than ever, owners and developers are also looking for the best mixed-use developments to achieve better building performance and cost-effective maintenance. Something we know a thing or two about.

At Kirksey, we believe that the best mixed-use development and design occurs when connection is achieved. We design high-density mixed-use projects that seamlessly blend different types of spaces into one development. We create buildings where people can work, live, shop, and dine. Passionate about sustainability, we strive to design high-performing buildings that are cost efficient for builders, owners, and tenants. Our environmentally friendly building practices incorporate smart strategies to save energy and conserve resources according to the specific needs of the project.

Our Mixed-Use Architecture Experience

Our experience includes mixed-use building projects combining residential, office retail, entertainment, hotel, and more. With more than 40+ mixed-use projects in our portfolio, we have worked on some of the most successful and efficient urban mixed-use projects in cities large and small.

  • Mixed-Use Urban Residential
  • Office & Retail Developments
  • Mixed-Use Garage Complexes
  • Hotel/Condo, Retail & Entertainment Centers

From modern mixed-use office, retail, and residential complexes to a mixed-use, podium-style medical facility, we're proud of the connectivity we have achieved in our designs. We are Kirksey and we're here to design mixed-use structures that enrich urban life and enhance the culture of the community.

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