Portfolio for Restoration & Renovation Architecture

Restoration & Renovation Architecture

We are experts in renovation design – bringing new life and value to existing design.

Whether it's revitalizing a formerly vacated building into a modern workspace or transforming a bleak urban landscape into inviting and safe learning environment, the word “easy” never comes to mind when renovating or restoring a project. Complex in nature, renovation and restoration projects require a very precise set of skills and a level of expertise that isn’t easily achieved, but is within reach with the right architecture team on your side. A team that will transform, modernize, reposition, and repurpose — a team that sounds a lot like us.

At Kirksey, we deliver innovative and creative solutions that transform existing buildings into future landmarks. We believe it is our responsibility to design high-performing, healthy buildings and provide in-depth research, critical analysis, and unique, client-tailored design solutions for every project. To do so, we assess the current project state, analyze the options, and anticipate project challenges to avoid potential pitfalls.

Our Building Renovation & Restoration Experience

With years of experience and architectural knowledge, Kirksey is committed to creating value in each project we undertake. We understand the complexities inherent to studying building forensics, materials, and function. As a leader in LEED® documentation services in the Gulf Coast Region for both new and existing facilities, we have certified projects covering five LEED rating systems, including 20 million square feet of existing space.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facility Assessments
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Commercial Office Building Repositioning
  • Corporate Campus Redevelopment
  • Sustainability Retrofits

From historical preservation to renovation, modernization, restoration, or feasibility studies, Kirksey can take an existing project and bring it back to life or transform it completely. We are ready to revitalize, modernize, and expand your existing facilities.


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