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Healthcare Architecture

We create innovative and efficient healthcare spaces that reflect the future of healing.

We are Kirksey Healthcare — a team of health-minded design professionals who are passionate about creating healthy, patient-centered environments that encourage healing and streamline the caregiving experience for both patients and clinicians.

The Healthcare landscape is complex and ever-changing as technology advances, and patients become more and more involved in their healing experience and outcomes. Our team understands how to successfully navigate and coordinate a strategic plan with a facility program and believes that success is measured by more than just managing the construction budget. We have shaped our practice around learning, innovation, efficacy, and unique client experiences. Designing to respond to the needs of patients and supporting positive outcomes through healing environments that reflect the combined knowledge of our clients, peer reviewed evidence, and collective understanding of best practices — these principles represent the foundation of our healthcare design focus.

Our Team of Healthcare Architects and Designers

Led by David McLemore and Necia Bonner, our Healthcare Team has designed or master planned well over 5 million square feet of healthcare space and has embraced evidence-based design principles from the inception of our practice. Each project is planned and executed with consideration to our client’s business plan. We take the time to interview clients at the beginning of each project to evaluate their unique needs. With proven design concepts and ongoing research, we create solutions that support patient-centric desired outcomes.


Areas of Healthcare Expertise

  • Healthcare
  • Medical & Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Clinics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories
  • Outpatient imaging and diagnostic centers
  • Inpatient acute care
  • Inpatient post-acute care
  • Cancer treatment centers
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Multi-specialty clinical practice
  • Clinical training facilities
  • Simulated learning environments
  • Nursing schools
  • Teaching hospitals


Healthcare Leadership

Director of Healthcare Projects:
David McLemore, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP

Director of Healthcare Interiors:

We know that as a healthcare provider you're facing an ever-growing list of challenges — not only is there increased competition, but large capital investments must be made to keep up with today's technological advances and best practices. It's crucial to coordinate a facility program with the owner’s strategic plan, while keeping innovative design, function, and efficient patient flow as top priorities — we understand your needs. Our clients are our most valuable resource for patient-driven solutions.

At Kirksey, we believe in keeping healthcare designs as simple as is practical, with an aesthetic look and feel that is always welcoming and comfortable. A healthcare facility should represent the client’s brand and incorporate inviting spaces for patients and staff alike. Through ongoing research and continuing education, we are providing solutions and designing spaces that strive to give our clients a competitive advantage and promote healing among their patients.

Our Healthcare Design Experience

Extremely diverse and client-focused, our Healthcare Team possesses a depth of experience that allows us to plan and execute each project with careful consideration of our client's clinical goals. Whether a renovation, addition, or new construction, our diverse portfolio includes new buildings and interiors for outpatient, acute and post-acute care facilities ranging in size from 1,000 sf to 1,000,000 sf/

From simulated learning environments in nursing schools to functional and inviting ambulatory surgery centers, we're proud of the welcoming and high performing healthcare spaces we've designed or master planned. We are Kirksey Healthcare, and we're ready to design a facility that captures your unique vision for patient care, while promoting functionality, efficiency, and most importantly, healing.
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