Summer Intern Program

Summer Intern Program

Summer architecture internships for students to explore their interests in the architecture field.

The application period has closed.

The Kirksey Summer Internship Program for Architecture & Interior Design was created to identify students prior to the last year of their professional degree in architecture or interior design at an accredited U.S. institution who possess the design talent, work ethic, and enthusiasm necessary to become part of the Kirksey team and provide them with practical experience in a professional architectural environment that will enable the students to explore their areas of interest in the field of architecture. Individuals with experience in Grasshopper plugins (Honeybee, Ladybug, etc.) or energy simulation (energy plus, equest, IES, etc.) would be considered for internship with our Building Physics department. 


Program Requirements

The application period has closed for 2021. 

In order to identify individuals who are interested in developing their professional careers in Houston or Austin, Texas after graduation, Kirksey will receive applications beginning in January of 2021 from students who will be entering the last year of a professional degree in either an architecture or interior design program following the summer of 2021. Only students in programs at accredited U.S. schools will be considered.  Kirksey will begin contacting selected candidates the following week to schedule interviews. A selection committee will thereafter recommend candidates for further consideration for the available positions in the 2021 Internship Program. The length of each student’s internship will be determined individually based upon the student’s availability, skills, the firm’s needs, and other applicable requirements.

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