LEED Platinum New Construction

San Antonio, Texas

Design Architect

Don McDonald


320,000 sf

Project Features
  • 2 office towers over 5-level garage
  • Designed to complement the city's history
  • First commercial LEED Platinum project in San Antonio

The Broadway Office Development is the newest extension of San Antonio’s popular Pearl District. Developed by Silver Ventures and designed by Don McDonald, the site includes two office towers over a five-level parking garage, a park area, and a limestone building with a reflecting water feature. Kirksey is the architect of record and completed the master plan, site plan, and building massing studies. The urban mixed-use project embodies San Antonio’s unique spirit and identity, incorporating local artists, culture, and storytelling. Each detail articulates careful consideration and intention to craft the pedestrian experience and make a large-scale project approachable at a small scale. Local artists contributed their talents to the project and created a collision of art and architecture. The city’s wealth of artists and artisans is evident in a myriad of details embedded in the architecture through light fixtures, ceramic murals and tiles, sculptures, and metal fabrications. The entire development works together to create a uniquely San Antonio experience and tell a story as only it can. 

The towers unite the commercial office spaces with retail on the first level, and the limestone contemplation building offers passersby and building occupants a place to reflect or interact. One of the many ways the building’s composition and design work together is evident in its abundant sustainability features that push the envelope of San Antonio’s sustainability standards. The development is just the third LEED Platinum project in the city and the first Commercial LEED Platinum in San Antonio. It is the city’s most extensive geothermal installation and rainwater collection system for a commercial high-rise and the nation’s largest high-rise office building solar array.

Kirksey also partnered with Credit Human to design a new, open office interior buildout that occupies 200,000 sf of the South Tower. The space focuses on restorative design and reimagines the traditional approach to corporate offices. As an investment in Credit Human’s people, the principles of biophilia, material transparency, and unprecedented energy and water efficiency for the San Antonio area drive the design. The project is an excellent example of how sustainable strategies do not compromise function or aesthetics.

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