Harris County Burnett Bayland Gym

Civic & Community, Recreation, Schools, Government

LEED Platinum New Construction

Houston, Texas


13,500 sf

Project Features
  • First LEED Platinum public building in Houston
  • Multi-purpose gymnasium
  • Kitchen
  • Classrooms
  • Library
Kirksey designed the first LEED Platinum public building in Houston, Harris County’s Burnett Bayland Gym. The gym is part of a juvenile rehabilitation center for youth ages 12-17 and boasts numerous sustainable elements designed to improve the quality of life for troubled youth. The facility houses a multi-purpose gymnasium, locker room, reception area for visitors, kitchen, public bathrooms, classrooms and a library.

The space provides a high degree of contact with natural daylight and interaction with nature and the outdoors. The building’s skylights and strategically placed windows allow exposure to daylight to help regulate circadian rhythms and balance hormonal levels of serotonin, which are especially important to youths since they affect mood, sleep, learning, and social behavior. The site’s xeriscaping, community garden, and outdoor classroom ensure a link to greenery as well as native fauna such as birds and butterflies, providing a powerful connection to nature.
The building saves 44% more energy than a code compliant building
The building saves 57% of its water
100% of the stormwater is treated on-site
The building achieved every water point available in the LEED system
Nicola Springer, AIA, LEED AP 713 426 7510
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Nicola is an expert in 21st century learning environments and educational design. She has created state-of-the-art public and private schools and developed PlayTheory, a process that engages stakeholders in a fun, collaborative way to gather quantitative and qualitative information that is used during the design phase. Nicola's talents and expertise are often utilized on projects throughout the firm, including higher education and community projects.