International Financial Facility Design

Commercial Office Buildings, Master Planning



Project Features
  • Large business tower
  • Designed to LEED Platinum standards
  • Campus, dining, fitness and dorm facilities
This unique design is based on the concept that the campus has two hearts, the financial heart and the social heart. The financial heart is a large business tower where water elements originate and form a creek leading to the social heart of the campus, the dining, fitness and dorm facilities. All buildings are connected by an internal and external “street” providing areas that users can break for tea, play table tennis, and visit with co-workers before returning to work. The dining, fitness, and dorm facilities have striking views of the campus courtyard and tower. Both a VIP facility and Archive building are located on an adjacent site due to the more private and secure nature of their use.
Paul Newsoroff, AIA 713 426 7444
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Paul has managed more than 50 commercial projects and worked with numerous high profile clients since joining Kirksey in 2004. Paul's deep roots in the commercial office building sector and penchant for unmatched client service make him one of Kirksey's top project managers.