Lone Star College - University Park, Center for Science & Innovation

Collegiate & Higher Education, Labs and R&D, Science & Technology, Branding & Graphics


Houston, Texas


50,000 sf

Project Features
  • Laboratories
  • 3-story atrium
  • Outdoor learning environments
  • Fitness area
  • Observation deck

Designed as a campus-defining landmark and celebration of the sciences, this project will foster a new connection between the existing campus and the proposed campus extension, and will attract students, professors and visitors by serving as a beacon for high quality science education. There is a “STEM billboard” on the curtain-wall exterior, representing each of the sciences the building contains.

A 3-story, steel building clad in curtain-wall and two types of metal panel, the building allows generous amounts of natural light to pour in through the north-facing atrium, with 12 full laboratories borrowing light from that space. On each story, 4 labs are connected to the south by a continuous preparatory area thoughtfully laid out with storage, work tables, and space to prepare experiments. Chemistry and biology students will use the Innovation Space on the first floor to work collaboratively, access the latest technology and reserve individual study spaces. A large plaza fronts the 3-story atrium for university events and serves as the future pedestrian spine for the entire campus. Upstairs, a roof terrace serves as a communal space as well as an outdoor night classroom, equipped for telescopes and astronomy lessons for a future growing astronomy program. The design of this building is meant to inspire those pursuing a career in science as well as those teaching tomorrow’s leaders.

Brian Richard, AIA 713 426 7497
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Brian leads and plans all Laboratory, Mission Critical, and Industrial Projects for Kirksey. Brian is an industry recognized leader and resource for multiple research and educational Institutions and the Energy, Oil & Gas, and Petrochem markets – where he provides strategic consulting and project leadership.