Wiess Park for Houston Parks Board

Civic & Community, LEED and Sustainability


Houston, Texas


12,000 sf

Project Features
  • Master plan
  • 8-acre urban park
  • Meeting space
  • Outdoor pavilion
Wiess Park is an 8-acre urban park and until 2008 it was being used by the Houston Police Department to house their mounted patrol and K-9 unit. Kirksey was selected to develop a master plan that includes new amenities, trails, and reforestation. As part of the initial phased, Kirksey completed the renovation of an existing 3,000-sf building to provide office and meeting space for the Houston Parks Board.

As part of the pending second phase, Kirksey designed a 9,000-sf outdoor pavilion that would seek LEED Platinum. The Pavilion is intended to serve as a living sustainable educational building, which and will include solar panels for net zero energy consumption, a storm water collection system, and salvaged construction materials. Like living organisms, living buildings gather all the water and energy they need from local renewable sources, are made from life-friendly materials, and promote the health of people and habitats.

At the Weiss Park Pavilion, all these elements will combine to create a public park that will enrich Houston’s educational, aesthetic and natural environment. The Weiss Park pavilion will use no more water than that which falls on the site naturally. Plumbing fixtures will be fed by rainwater from the roof. The landscape will be irrigated with storm water that falls onto the site. All storm water will be treated by constructed wetlands and used onsite; none will outfall into the already overloaded municipal storm sewer. Only healthy, locally-available, and/or previously used materials will be used to construct the Pavilion. The structure of the building is designed with re-used oil field services tube steel. The project will use as little energy as possible, so that solar panels on the roof can generate more power than the entire building uses. The program consists of a multipurpose room, small kitchen, restrooms, storage and a generous covered outdoor area, all available for use by the general public.
Janis Brackett, AIA, LEED AP 713 426 7426
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Janis brings 24 years of experience and a dedication to the collaborative process to Kirksey's Community Projects Team. Besides her proven ability to keep projects in budget and on schedule, she is enthusiastic about developing relationships with her clients and seeing their ideas and goals become realized. Janis was the 2014 President of AIA Houston, the 2010 Chair of Gulf Coast Green, and also served on the Editorial Committee for GreenWorks Houston.