Exploring and evaluating sustainable strategies to create efficient and healthy spaces.

Building green requires a deep understanding of climate and microclimate, and sometimes involves new or unfamiliar technologies. This is why we engage in many forms of research related to sustainability topics – research that can give your projects a competitive advantage. The Kirksey Sustainability team acts as a research and consulting group whose focus is to mainstream environmentally friendly building practices. Through ongoing research and application, we have defined basic strategies for facilities that are easily implemented and make sense environmentally and economically.

Examples of Recent Kirksey Research Studies

  • Site & climate analysis
  • LEED & energy analysis for sites in different climates
  • Natural ventilation for natatoriums
  • Post occupancy evaluation for health, satisfaction and efficiency
  • Solar effectiveness of high rise curtainwall
  • Operational success of different rainwater harvesting systems
  • Glare analysis
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