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Civic & Community

We offer civic architecture focused on designing public spaces for a better community.

Modern communities are more than places where you live and work - they are also places where you think, serve, and play. From exploring an exhibition hall to reading in a quiet community library, civic and arts environments encourage thought, expression, and direction. Inspiring and educational, these spaces empower communities while providing flexibility for a range of activities. We understand the need to provide enriching environments that allow for community growth, while reflecting your organization's brand and fulfilling its purpose.

At Kirksey, we design cultural and civic projects to be pillars of the community that manifest care and passion. We recognize that these spaces should provide a place for positive change and progress. Our goal is to understand the strong sense of your mission and provide a purposeful, exceptional environment that will truly capture your community's heart. Whether it's for performance, education, direction, or enlightenment, your vision is our greatest inspiration.

Our Civic Architecture Experience

Finding a window to the community through a downtown YMCA or providing cultural arts immersion through a performance theater, our Community Team designs spaces that enlighten, educate and encourage — spaces that inspire and improve the communities they serve.

  • Community Centers
  • Civic Buildings & Public Spaces
  • Community Theaters
  • Museums
  • Outdoor Pavilions
  • Convention Centers
  • Libraries
  • Park Programs
From renovating an urban park into a lunch destination for downtown's working professionals to creating a museum that brings southern history to the suburbs, we've designed some amazing spaces to help communities thrive. We are Kirksey Community and we create civic and cultural environments that turn your vision for the community into reality.