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Recreation Design

We provide sustainable recreation center design for community health and wellness.

Health and wellness are essential to a thriving community, as are recreational spaces where members of the community can run, jump, and play. From outdoor trails for hiking and biking to indoor gymnasiums and fitness centers, today's recreational activities come in many forms. To truly support a healthy community, you need to provide recreational spaces with flexible design to accommodate a variety of active lifestyles. You want recreational design that promotes health at its core - and so do we.

At Kirksey, we believe that healthy communities are happy communities. We provide recreational design that is flexible, accommodating, and supportive of healthy lifestyles. We also understand that a truly healthy community means supporting a healthy environment, which is why we design with sustainable principles in mind. Whether designing a YMCA, community natatorium, or a gym, we understand the complexities that are inherit in recreational architectural design and have the appropriate solutions to address them.

Our Recreation Design Experience

Our Community Team's architectural expertise in designing recreational facilities first begins with a sustainable space that ultimately gives back to the community it serves. With a strong commitment to sustainable design, we incorporate energy saving measures through lighting, site and landscaping, water conservation, and more, to support healthy buildings and environments.

From the multipurpose recreational facilities serving over 10,000 members to urban park facilities for outdoor enthusiasts, our recreational design inspires people toward health and wellness. We are Kirksey Community, and we're here to provide you with recreational facilities that complement their environment, promote sustainability, and give back to the community.

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