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Science & Technology

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Kirksey’s Science & Technology Team was formally created in 2007 to address the growing demands of specific markets: Mission Critical, Laboratory, Research & Development, and Industrial. These facilities often require robust coordination efforts across all engineering disciplines. Our team provides innovative solutions, complementing the complexities of each discipline, and simplifying the design and construction process. We value our clients’ business goals and functional requirements and develop need-based solutions for complex projects. We are committed to understanding and enhancing the science and technology that drives our clients’ success.


Our Science and Technology Experience

Kirksey’s Science & Technology Team consistently delivers efficient, high quality, high performance facilities. Whether we are taking the lead position in designing a highly branded co-location data center or working under an Engineering lead on a fast past-paced Enterprise solution, our experience and flexibility adds value to the project team, and emphasizes the importance of coordinating and documenting aspects of the project traditionally thought to be outside of the architectural purview.